21 May 2020 French Deal


Born in the early 18th century, Abla Pokou is the niece of King Ossei Tutu, founder of the Ashanti Confederacy of Ghana. Upon the death of her uncle, a fratricidal war broke out in the country for her succession to the throne. Abla Pokou feels in danger and flees with her family, her servants and her loyal soldiers.

Legend has it that she and her people find themselves blocked by the majestic river Comoé. The queen then asked the river spirit how she could pass and save her people to get to the other bank. The spirit of the river demanded the sacrifice of the people’s dearest treasure. Abla Pokou and her followers then understood that only the sacrifice of a child would allow them to pass.

Queen Abla Pokou then sacrificed her only child for the survival of her people and they succeeded in crossing La Comoé. After the crossing, the queen turned around and said “Bâ wouli” which means “the child is dead” and will give the name to her people, the Baoulé people.

French Deal pays homage in its creations to the Baule people and to Queen Abla Pokou who, through her act of bravery, managed to save her people and offer them a better life.
The Queen Pokou jacket, made entirely of traditional Baoule loincloth, is a tribute to the Baoule ethnic group and its history.

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