Creative director Steeven Kodjia has invited the French Deal community to participate in his new campaign “The Power Is Yours.”.

In devising this project, he wanted to highlight people who embody strong values and who are personally important to him. More than a hundred members of the community responded: children, teenagers, women and men… This campaign is a showcase allowing them to take part in a unique concept where their identity and uniqueness are highlighted.

Each of them has chosen a word that has a strong meaning and that motivates them to take power over their destiny. All these words are a symbol of individual and collective empowerment, a union around the universal message “The Power Is Yours.”. The members immortalised this moment with the beret KODJIA, a unisex and intergenerational accessory.

The entire “The Power Is Yours.” photo series can be seen on our Instagram account @frenchdealofficial.

From 28th February to 31st March 2023 - Restaurant Alcazar (62 Rue Mazarine, 75006 Paris)

“The Power Is Yours” exhibition is presented by French Deal at the Alcazar restaurant in Paris.

Steeven Kodjia, our Founder and Creative Director, unveils a selection of images from his photographic series “The Power Is Yours.” imagined around the French Deal community.

Believing that art has the power to transform, connect and enlighten, he has commissioned a reinterpretation of five photographs to artists Palmira Clara and Fred Ebami.

“The Power Is Yours.” exhibition can be seen at the Balcon.


Two new exclusive pieces have been created around the exhibition “The Power Is Yours.”.

These two pieces are available for purchase in limited edition on our website from 28th February to 31st March 2023.

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