The House of French Deal

French Deal was born at the crossroads of the hip-hop universe and a love for fashion and luxury. More than just a brand, French Deal is the brand that bridges three cultures: urban spirit, Black culture, and hip-hop. Blended with noble materials, African elements, and the classic tradition of the Western male wardrobe, each piece offers originality and authenticity.

Here, everything is a story of roots.
Beautiful materials, rare know-how, and history are what the house of French Deal offers.

French Deal is seen as an elegant revenge, a way of bringing three cultures together, building up creative director Steeven Kodjia and pushing him to express his convictions through his art. Authenticity is uncompromising here. Yes, we are talking about success, but pulled up from one’s own boot straps. Yes, we tell the story of the richness of each object, but backed by the values of exceptional ancestral work.

The Baoule Loincloth

Originally from the Ivory Coast, the Baoulé loincloth is a traditional fabric inherited from the Ashanti kingdom. From an authentic African textile culture, the Baoulé loincloth is carefully woven by artisan weavers on Ivorian lands.

For its Volume 4 collection, the Maison French Deal has introduced the Baoulé loincloth, reinvented in an urban and modern wardrobe. Through mixing cultures on timeless pieces, it comes to life.

Now an iconic piece of the brand, the Baoulé loincloth fits perfectly into in each new creation, from streetwear to tailoring. Available in many forms, the history of  the Baoulé French Deal loincloth is has only just begun, ready to leave its mark.

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