At the heart of French Deal is its founder, Steeven Kodjia, born in 1980 in the Parisian suburbs to Ivorian parents. From a young age he observed the “big kids” of his neighborhood dancing in the lobby of his building in Le Bourget. From the masculine elegance of his father, to the shimmering colors worn by his mother and aunts, to the creative power of these new dancers, Steeven’s creativity was nourished by his surroundings. Before long, through this new dance, Steeven Kodjia would find a way to make hip-hop his own. In the 80’s hip-hop gave a voice to those who had remained in the shadows for too long, offering this ambitious young boy the impulse to surpass himself and look beyond the limits of his neighborhood. For him, it was also the beginning of a sense of belonging that would never leave him.

As an autodidact, he continued to draw strength and creativity from hip-hop, both major assets allowing him to continue on his course off the beaten track. Along the way he gained strength and learned the power of perseverance, values he still fervently holds today.

At the dawn of the 2000s, having become a professional dancer, Steeven Kodjia knew nevertheless that his ambition called him elsewhere. At just 22 years old, he flew to the United States with the audacity that had come to characterize him. In the second great meeting of his life, this nation of possibility opened the doors of fashion to him. Here, on the streets, the clothes of hip-hop were traded in “deals” emulating the neighbourhoods of Steeven’s childhood, and leading him to rediscover the vibrant and free atmosphere that surrounded his youth.

Not long after, French Deal was born from this bridge between Paris and New York and this unconventional way of looking for fashion in the streets. With Steeven, instinct prevails. You have to sniff out the right parts, anticipate trends. and above all satisfy the ever-increasing number of customers. As with dance, his first steps in fashion were in the streets of the city.

As hip-hop fashion slowly transformed in form and approach, Steeven Kodjia felt it was time to go his own way and stop selling other people’s clothes. He knew his fashion didn’t yet exist, and that his would be the imprint of a multitude of influence unique to his origins and career. With all of his savings, the entrepreneurial dancer embarked on the adventure of becoming a fashion designer, filled with a hint of madness and the desire to express his vision of clothing. This neophyte, by the force of his will, learned the different aspects of a profession for which nothing had predestined him.

However, from dance, itself the art of excellence of the body, to clothing, there is only one step…one Steeven would happily take. Ignoring obstacles, he turned his mistakes into strengths and learned with passion the intricacies of this demanding and codified world.


Born in Laval on February 8, 1977, Ousmane Dabo is a French footballer who played as a midfielder between 1995 and 2011.

Passing through France, Italy and eventually England, Ousmane has distinguished himself in world-renowned clubs such as AS Monaco, Inter Milan, Lazio in Rome, and Manchester City.

Trained at the Stade Lavallois, the French midfielder made his debut in the French league with Stade Rennes, where he quickly distinguished himself as a true leader.

His performance on the pitch led him to be signed by the prestigious Italian club, Inter Milan, in 1998. He transferred to Atalanta Bergamasca Calcio in 2001 where he established himself as an indisputable starter. After 3 years under the colors of blues and blacks, he joined Lazio, his favorite club, before moving on to play for Manchester City. Eventually he returned to the “biancocelesti” before ending his football career in the United States.

It was in Milan, a city known worldwide for its designers and luxury brands, that Ousmane Dabo discovered noble and precious materials and the art of combining colors. His 10-year career in Italy has thus shaped his current vision of fashion.

“This sense of detail, I found it in the first collections of Steeven. French Deal represents what I’m looking for in fashion and streetwear: pieces inspired by hip-hop culture, combining quality materials and original cuts. Since then, I have participated in the development of the collections by sharing my inspirations gathered from my travels around the world, especially in New York, London and Milan, among my other favorite cities.”


Born in Rouen on November 5, 1986 to a father of Beninese origin, Ian Mahinmi is a French professional basketball player currently playing as a pivot in the NBA Washington Wizards team. During his debut as a player for Le Havre, Ian Mahinmi was unknown to the general American public, but word of his talent would soon make him known to the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA Draft.

When Ian was just 19 years old, the Spurs were eager to see him continue his apprenticeship in Europe, and agreed with his training club to keep him in their squad for two more seasons. He joined Béarnais de Pau-Orthez in 2006 for a season before signing with the San Antonio Spurs on August 23, 2007. He was transferred to the Dallas Mavericks in 2010 where the energy he brought to his game was praised by staff and his teammates alike.

It was there, with the Mavericks, that Ian Mahinmi played one of the best games of his career against the Golden State Warriors in December 2010 with 12 points, 10 rebounds and 1 block, becoming only the second French player in history to be crowned NBA champion.

On October 13, 2011, Ian re-enlisted with his training club during the offseason lockout before joining the Indiana Pacers in 2012. At the end of the 2015-2016 season, conquered by his talent, Mahinmi was in high demand by many NBA teams, eventually choosing the Washington Wizards with whom he would sign for 4 years.

In July 2021, Ian Mahinmi officially announced his retirement from the courts on the set of the NBA Extra program of the channel beIN Sports, which he is a consultant.

He is now co-owner of NBA Africa, eager to develop basketball throughout the African continent.

“Hip-hop, streetwear fashion and sports have been with me since I was young. These environments are in constant synergy and influence one another. Today, even as a professional basketball player in the NBA and France’s national basketball team, I always keep an eye out for new designers and seek out rare pieces. I like bold blends; my style is anything but conventional. It’s this instinctive vision of fashion that I share with my associates, and it allows us to express our creativity. Therefore, joining French Deal was obvious for me.”

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