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French Deal was created with the idea of combining the hip-hop culture with the love of fashion and luxurious garments. More than just a brand, French Deal manages to assemble three different cultures. Urban spirit, black culture and noble fabrics will mix with hip-hop, graceful African silhouettes and classic European tailoring.

It is primarily a question of origins. This new fashion house offers its customers beautiful fabrics, unique craftsmanship, and a feeling of belonging.

French Deal defines it self as an elegant “difference”, a way of putting together three very different cultures and using fashion in order to send a message. “Being true to oneself, without compromise”. We are talking about success, yes indeed, but only by the sweat of his brow. We are talking about luxurious garments, yes indeed, but only made from unique ancestral craftsmanship.

Steeven shares his origins with the “Baoulé” people, ethnic group from the Ivory Coast. In 2018, he discovers the particular fabric they use and will make it the heart of his new collection, Volume 4.

This material, synonym with elegance and celebration, reminds him of his mother and his aunts. Steeven KODJIA has made of this material the identifying characteristic of his collection which allows him to expose this ancestral craftsmanship, refined, authentic and not well-known. Not only a multi-cultural explosion, this is a true marriage of cultures. For his new collection, contemporary garments will mix with street-wear cuts, refined tailoring and traditional woven fabrics.

Returning to his origins, it is from the streets of Abidjan his new collection will take form. The loincloth is wrapped around arms and chests in sharp and intense colors, a wink at Steeven’s love for African’s ornaments. Naturally and elegantly, history will make its way through this collection, offering a new idea of a man’s wardrobe, an “Urban Dandy” wardrobe. Men will embody a new vision of masculinity, fierce, unique and timeless.

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The Baouli Loincloth

Originally from Côte d’Ivoire, Baoulé loincloth is a traditional fabric inherited from the Ashanti kingdom.

Authentic African textile culture, the weaving of the Baoulé loincloth is meticulously carried out by weavers, with warp threads dyed with indigo.

For Volume 4, French Deal has decided to reinvent the traditional loincloth by integrating it into an urban and modern cloakroom. It comes to life on timeless pieces that blend with both African and French cultures.

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