1 April 2019 French Deal


The founder of French Deal, Steeven Kodjia decided to express his deep sadness, to Nipsey Hussle by writing these few words : “It was with sadness that I’ve learned your passing Nipsey. I’m really affected by this drama. We had to work together, but life decided otherwise. I’m grateful for your support and for representing French Deal for your first Grammy Awards nomination in the category of the best rap album of the year.

You chose to wear the French Deal Tuxedo for this major event, and it will be in the story of French Deal forever.
What a beautiful artistic meeting ! 

I’m honored to have shared this beautiful event with you, you were one of my favorite rappers, you were becoming the best, and a symbol of an entire generation.
French Deal is in grief, such as the hip-hop and all our community. You will stay a symbol for our Black Culture. 

 My deepest condolences to your family.”

RIP Nipsey Hussle.







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