I was born pearl after pearl, under the fingers of six advises people. My birth has involved more than 150 hours of hard work, respecting the Indian tradition of the Aari embroidery, real artistic method.

My mix of materials between shiny deep lambskin and highly chosen pearls, being a technical achievement raise me to the stats of art work, and makes me more than a sweat-shirt.

The combination between lambskin and my plastron pearled by hang gives me a unique and qualitative aspect that brings me in another dimension.

The French Deal house, knew how to give life to me and wake my soul, to be worn by the greatest men.

A masterpiece, I am Beats.


Born of a mixing between the urban universe and luxury, you can not miss my strong look. My details in black guipure which covers the top of my body and a part of my arm, are scars that shows where I’m come from and the complexity of my thoughts.

Minutely made, I play by overlapping brushed molleton coton and guipure to give comfort, ease and an assertive style which can surprise by its originality.

Thanks to my emotional strength et my freedom of thoughts, I’m recognizable among any one else.

I’m surprising, original, temperamental.
I’m Freestyle.


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