In the context of the protection of French know-how, leather jewellery fashion and tableware, the National Assembly is organising an exhibition from 7 to 11 October. On the occasion of the launch of the Volume 4 collection, French Deal will exhibit the photos of its new photo campaign, mixing fashion and homage to the origins of its artistic director; Africa.

Discover the fashion film Volume 4 here.


Discover French Deal’s fashion film in the Hype Magazine. Nominated at the London Fashion Film Festival in the “BEST MAJOR BRAND PRODUCTION” category, and awarded for “BEST FASHION” in La Jolla international fashion film festival, Volume 4 tells the story of a new fashion inspired by the roots of its designer, Steeven Kodjia.

Find the article of the Hype Magazine here.

Watch the film here.


The magazine L.A Fashion dedicates an article to the Parisian label French Deal where he retraces its history and its most significant events. It highlights the house’s supporters, as well as the first French Deal show at the Paris fashion week last June.
The article concludes with the victory of the ready-to-wear house for its latest fashion film “Volume 4” at the international Fashion Film Festival in La Jolla, which won the “Best Fashion” prize.

To read the article click here.


On September 8, the 10th edition of the One Music Fest was held in Atlanta. On this occasion, Rotimi, also actor in the Power series, wears the Caractère shirt of the French Deal house for his performance.

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Following French Deal’s victory for the “Best Fashion” award at the Fashion Film Festival of La Jolla in San Diego, The Hype magazine tells the story of fashion film and Steeven Kodjia’s approach. The founder of the company looks back at his different inspirations for this film, and its meaning.

The full article here.

(Re)Discover the fashion film Volume 4 here.


On August 9, 2019, following the victory of the Fashion Film French Deal, the newspaper “La Jolla Today” reported on the awards ceremony and congratulated the winners. Steeven Kodjia, the creator of French Deal is featured in the article for his “BEST FASHION” award.

More information about Fashion Film and the La Jolla Festival here.




Award-winning at the international Fashion Film Festival in La Jolla in the “BEST FASHION” category, and nominated at the London Fashion Film Festival for the “BEST MAJOR BRAND PRODUCTION”, Volume 4, unveils the house’s latest collection with exclusive images shot in Abidjan.

Entirely made in Côte d’Ivoire, in Abidjan, the fashion film Volume 4 reveals the artistic director’s return to his roots. We travel, we discover, we learn with him. French Deal celebrates Africa and tells us the wonderful and painful story of the queen Abla Pokou ready for the greatest sacrifice to save her people. The strength of the Woman is put under the spotlight in the heart of the Baouli people’s Odyssey. The music is bewitching. The images are authentic. French Deal transcends and elevates us in the clouds of an ethnic mix.

Creative Director : Steeven KODJIA
Directed by : Urivaldo LOPES
Music by : Still Nas , Lerie SANKOFA & Armand N’GORAN
Translater : Valentine Ahou KOUAME
Interpreter 1  : Madeleine ZOUNDI
Interpreter 2 : Justine Boni AMOIN
Interpreter 3 : François Kouame KOUAKOU
Make-up artist : Vivi JOUTZ
Video assistants : Eddy DAGHER & Liviane BOUEDY
Photo stylist assistant : Julie GALLAND
Music creative director : SPIKE MILLER
Video editing : Boris BEYNET
Production manager : Patrick Edoorad KITAN
Logistics coordinator : Melissa BROU
Production assistant : Carl Stéphane TOURE
Baouli women : Mireille KRE, Suzane Abou N’GUESSAN, Marie KOFFI, Madeleine Aya AMANI, Zouzou Aya N’DA, Adrienne Bossoma N’GUESSAN, Odette Aya YEMAN, Edith Ahou KOUAKOU
Models : Steeven KODJIA, Alex APPIA, Olivier ATTIA, Fabrice DIA, Roland TRAORÉ, Charles BEUSEIZE

Thank’s to : Ian MAHINMI, Ousmane DABO, Patricia LERAT


After its victory at the international Fashion Film Festival of La Jolla in San Diego, French Deal will present its fashion film in London on September 13. Fashion Film Volume 4 is part of the selection of the London Fashion Film Festival and is nominated there in the “BEST MAJOR BRAND PRODUCTION” category.
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After the first French Deal fashion show, which took place on June 23rd, Hip-hop Corner went to the brand’s showroom to meet the designer, Steeven Kodjia. The artistic director of the house, gave them an interview about his inspirations, his passions and the beginning of the French Deal adventure. In it, he explains his influences, which make French Deal what it is today: pieces impregnated by street-culture and Africa.

Watch the interview here.



On July 27, the artistic director of French Deal went to the  International Fashion Film Festival in La Jolla, San Diego, to present the fashion film from the latest collection Volume 4.
Nominated in 6 categories at this event, French Deal was awarded the “BEST FASHION 2019” award at the ceremony.

Entirely made in Ivory Coast, in Abidjan, the fashion film in Volume 4 reveals the artistic director’s return to his roots. We travel, we discover, we learn with him. French Deal celebrates Africa and tells us the wonderful and painful story of a queen ready for the greatest sacrifice to save her people. The strength of the Woman is put under the spotlight in the heart of the Baoule people’s Odyssey. The music is bewitching. The images are authentic. French Deal transcends and elevates us in the clouds of an ethnic mix.


On July 26 and 27, French Deal will travel to San Diego, California to participate in the La Jolla fashion film festival. Indeed, the film Volume 4, which is expected to be released in September 2019, is nominated in the following 6 categories:

  • Best music
  • Best narration
  • Best fashion
  • Best cast ensemble
  • Best art direction
  • Best creative concept

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JULY 26 & 27


On the occasion of the first French Deal fashion show, the online magazine Style Cartel celebrates Africa and the history of French Deal. While presenting the different looks of the show, it tells the story of the French Deal house and its main source of inspiration for its latest collection Volume 4, the Baoulé people.

Find the article here.


On June 20th, the 73rd Draft NBA was held at the Barkley Center in Brooklyn. On this occasion, Sekou Doumbouya, selected by the Detroit Pistons team, has solicited the French Deal house, for its outfits. He first wore the Sakassou jacket, with the Black Pant and The Classic shirt, all topped with a bow tie signed French Deal.
Then he wore the Ashanti jacket as well as the Black Pant and The Classic shirt, this time in white.

Congratulations to Sekou Doumbouya for this new NBA adventure.

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WWD x French Deal

On the occasion of the release of Volume 4, the American magazine, Womens Wear Daily dedicates an article to French Deal.

WWD highlights the history of the company as well as its creator, Steeven Kodjia, and its co-founders Ian Mahinmi and Ousmane Dabo.

Read the article here.


For the end of his tour, the artistic director of the French Deal house, went to Los Angeles, one of the most emblematic cities on the West Coast of America.

Staying at the Berverly Hilton hotel, Steeven Kodjia was able to preview the pieces from Volume 4 to various Hollywood stylists and celebrities.

The official presentation of Volume 4 will take place during the Paris fashion week show on June 23rd, 2019.

Nick Jonas in French Deal

Currently on tour for their Happiness Begins Tour, the Jonas brothers were in London on May 30. For their BBC radio performance, Nick Jonas is wearing the Evolution leather jacket from French Deal, as well as the Sensation pants in dipped lambskin leather.

Find more pictures of its outfit here.


On March 18, at the Arclight in Hollywood, the premiere of the film “The Dirt” broadcast on Netflix took place. On this occasion, rapper Machine Gun Kelly wears the O’tentick shirt from French Deal. A unique and exclusive piece, O’tentick is part of the new Volume 4 collection that will be presented at the next Paris Fashion Week, during the French Deal show at the Palais de Tokyo.

French Deal Tour USA, second step #Washington

For the second step of the annual French Deal tour in the United States, Washington is an important, if not essential, city.

The creator of French Deal, Steeven Kodjia, has found his long-time friend and partner, Ian Mahinmi, in the American capital where he has been working for 3 years.

Steeven Kodjia presented his 4th opus to Washington Wizards players at the Four Seasons hotel. Bradley Bill, Dwight Howard, Bobby Portis, or Jabari Parker were then invited to discover a preview of the house’s new collection, Volume 4.

French Deal tour USA, step one #NewYork

For the beginning of his American tour, French Deal settles down at the Four Season hotel New York located on Barclays Avenue in Manhattan. 

That was in the American fashion capital for the private sales of the house’s new “VOLUME 4” collection took place in preview. The designer has been visited by New York Knicks NBA player Frank Ntilikina and Orlando Magic pivot Mohamed Bamba, to name a few. For this collection, the fashion house’s artistic director, Steeven Kodjia, goes back to his roots, highlighting the cultural and heritage riches of the African continent. 

The founder of French Deal also visited his friend and partner Ian Mahinmi before attending to the victory of his team the Washington Wizards against the Brooklyn Nets, and at the end of the game, he praised Bradley Beal’s tremendous performance, who scored 31 points and made 4 assists.


The founder of French Deal, Steeven Kodjia decided to express his deep sadness, to Nipsey Hussle by writing these few words : “It was with sadness that I’ve learned your passing Nipsey. I’m really affected by this drama. We had to work together, but life decided otherwise. I’m grateful for your support and for representing French Deal for your first Grammy Awards nomination in the category of the best rap album of the year.

You chose to wear the French Deal Tuxedo for this major event, and it will be in the story of French Deal forever.
What a beautiful artistic meeting ! 

I’m honored to have shared this beautiful event with you, you were one of my favorite rappers, you were becoming the best, and a symbol of an entire generation.
French Deal is in grief, such as the hip-hop and all our community. You will stay a symbol for our Black Culture. 

 My deepest condolences to your family.”

RIP Nipsey Hussle.






French Deal x Beside Sports

Please follow the link and discover an exclusive interview of French deal’s art director, Steeven Kodjia, and co-founder, Ousmane Dabo, former player for the French national team.
You will discover their backgrounds, what influence them and what is their own vision of fashion.



At the beginning of French Deal, there is a man: Steeven Kodjia. He was born from Ivorian parents in 1980, in the suburbs of Paris. Yet a little boy, he observes the grown-ups of his neighborhood dancing in his entrance hall building in Le Bourget. Various influences surround him and transport him, such as his father’s strong and elegant style, his mother and aunts flamboyant colored garments and the powerful creativity of these new dancers. He will take it all in and grow from them.

This dance, he discovers then, is hip-hop; and he will make it his own. We are in the middle of the 80’s, hiphop gives a voice to those who stayed too long in the shadows and offers this little boy full of ambition the will to go beyond oneself and to see past the limits of his own neighborhood. This is also the infancy of a feeling of belonging that will never leave him.

From hip-hop dancing, this self-made man will draw on two major characteristics, strength and creativity, in order to help him follow a path outside the overrun grounds. It will also teach him precision and perseverance, values he still holds on to with great fervor.

On the eve of the years 2000, Steeven Kodjia, now a professional dancer, knows his ambition must take him further on. Thanks to his boldness, at only 22 he will decide to head off to the United States. Another discovery that will be a life-changer. This nation where all dreams come true, will give him the key to access the world of fashion. With hip-hop clothing, business “deals” are made off the streets. This competitive, and at the same time free-spirited atmosphere will remind him of the neighborhoods of his childhood.

French Deal is created from the idea of a bridge between Paris and New York, from this unconventional way of making fashion business, off the streets. With Steeven, instinct leads the way. One must sniff out unique fashion pieces, anticipate future trends in order to satisfy more and more customers. Just like he did when he started dancing, he will take his first steps into the world of fashion in the streets.

Little by little, hip-hop clothing change, shapes but also how people see it. Steeven wants to stop selling other people’s clothes and move on. His own vision of fashion is yet to be created. Influences from his origins and his own story will help him embody this vision.

This professional dancer and entrepreneur will take up this new adventure to becoming a fashion designer using all of his economies, his unique sense of style and a hint of craziness. This neophyte, due to a great sense of determination, will learn all the aspects of a job he wasn’t predestine for. Yet, from dancing to fashion designing there is only a step, thanks to sharing a common art revealed through the expression of the body. As a former dancer he understands it and will take that step merrily. Without consideration for the consequences, he will learn from his mistakes and will grow with passion within this challenging new business.



Born in Rouen from a Beninese father and a Jamaican mother on the 5th of November 1986, Ian Mahinmi is a French professional basketball player, center for the NBA team, the Washington Wizards.When he first started, playing with the team from Le Havre, Ian Mahinmi is unknown from the public, but his talent will be recognized by the San Antonio team, the Spurs, when attending a NBA Draft.

Ian is only 19 years old, the Spurs, in order to have him continue his training in Europe, will make an agreement with his actual club so that he stays on 2 more seasons. He joins the Elan Bearnais team from Pau-Orthez in 2006 for one season before signing with the San Antonio Spurs the 23rd of August 2007. In 2010, he will then be transferred to the Dallas team, the Mavericks, where his energy will be praised by his team mates and staff members.

He will play one of the greatest game of his career against the Golden State Warriors in December 2010 with 12 points, 10 rebounds and 1 blocked shot. He then becomes the 2ndFrench player to be consecrated “champion” by the NBA.The 13th of October 2011, Ian will sign again with his initial club during the lock-out period, in-between seasons, before joining the Pacers from Indiana in 2012.

At the end the season 2015-2016, several NBA teams, convinced by his talent, will come looking for him. He will choose to join the Washington Wizards and will sign with them for 4 years.

“Hip hop, streetwear fashion and sports have been with me forever. These cultures are in constant synergy and influence one another. Today, even as a professional NBA basketball player and member of the Equipe de France, I always keep an eye out for new designers and, am always on the lookout for unusual items. I love bold combinations, my taste is anything but conventional. The instinctive take on fashion I share with my associates is what enables our creative expression. Joining the French Deal label was a natural choice.”

Ian Mahinmi


Born in Laval on February 8th, 1977, Ousmane Dabo is a professional football player who evolved in midfield position between 1995 and 2011.

In France, Italy and England, Ousmane has managed to distinguish himself when playing for world renowned clubs like Monaco, Inter Milan, Lazio Rome and Manchester City.

Trained by the Stade Levallois, the French midfield made his debut in the French national league with the “Stade Rennais” where he stood out as a true leader.

His performance on the field led him to be recruited by the prestigious Italian club Inter Milan in 1998. Transferred to Atalanta Bergamasca Calcio in 2001, he established himself as an indisputable holder. After 3 years defending the colors of the Atalanta team, he joined Lazio, his club of heart. He then played for Manchester City before finishing his football career in the United States.

Ousmane’s 10-year career in Italy has shaped his vision of fashion. It is notably in Milan, a city known worldwide for its creators and luxury brands, that he discovered noble and precious materials and the art of combining colors.

« I found this attention to detail in Steeven’s first collections. French Deal represents what I look for in fashion and streetwear: hip hop-inspired pieces combining quality fabrics with original cuts. I collaborate on the development of the collections by sharing ideas inspired by my trips around the world, especially to New York, London and Milan, my favorite cities »

Ousmane Dabo



Frederick Douglass born slave in 1818, will hide in order to learn to read. He will build a social and political awareness that will help him fight for his condition.

At the age of 20, he manages to escape and join the abolitionist movement. People were fascinated by his talent as an orator in meetings and by his autobiographical stories (3 in total, between 1845 and 1892) which became real bestsellers.

In 1863, after the abolition of slavery in the United States by Abraham Lincoln, he holds important political positions for the adoption of Resolutions 13, 14 and 15 of the American Constitution.

He stays today the pioneer of black activism and the great partisan of the slavery abatement. We owe him the celebration of “Black History Month”


The French Deal house shares with you exclusively a video retracing the charity event for the Kihsan association. At this event the founder of the association and footballer Geoffrey Kondogbia trusted French Deal by wearing the Prestige shirt as well as the Black Pant.


Jack & Jack, the iconic pop duo in the United States, were present on January 15 in James Corden’s Late Late Late Show, broadcasted on CBS.
For his performance, Jack Gilinsky decided to wear the Essentiel jacket of the French Deal house. Essentiel then lies in the era that suits him best, that of music.

You can find their performance here.